D.U.M.B.O. D I R E C T
  Dumb...art? by Pablo Rosenblueth  

          A neighborhood that's filled with artists is bound to be the least common of communities -considering that, even though the arts are all about communication -or at least some sort of self-expression, the ways, pace and ideas behind each individual approach are -by need or at least attitude- meant to be rather unique, self-contained, and even mutually exclusive. Actually, being so close to the next artist will most likely propel one to emphasize those differences and distances. So why would artists choose to end up living so close to each other -I mean besides the obvious financial considerations? Maybe the subtly rebellious reassurance which one gets as that scary sculptor or that prowling painter greet us grouchily if not groucholy across the street. Maybe the warming sense of shared isolation as we cross each other's path quickly and silently... Yes, an artists community is that unique kind of a collective where the parts are more important than the whole and where groupiness and sociability are not necessarily the most desirable traits. An area where the fervently freaky or the coolly collected may find themselves without being found out and where they may drift now freely and now fully... charged. A place where the absent-minded can present themselves without being either minded nor misrepresented, that is an art community that is worth it's canvases -and brushes... with anything it chooses... to convey -with or without pay... or uses.

That´s not so dumb... eh?